Friday, September 28, 2012

Dear After Baby Body Gods

Dear After Baby Body Gods,
I know I am writing my prayer letter to you a few years earlier than I expected. But I feel like I have been a good member of the Pre-Baby Body Church. I never asked for much more than to take off the occasional 5 pounds here and there. And I was always willing to work to get those pounds off. I tried to hit the gym a few times a week and always ate fruits and veggies. And I still am not complaining about the newest bump I have.
But After Baby Body Gods if you could please find it in your heart to hear my prayer. Please give me my old body back after my baby has arrived. As you know I have prayed ever night to the Healthy Baby Gods so I figured I would go ahead and start my prayers to you. You see I saw this
Yes, I know I was no Jessica to start off with. But damn it I looked good (hey how do you think I got pregnant in the first place!!!). I had curves in all the right places! I will happily work to get my pre baby body back but it sure would be nice if I had your help in make sure I can at least have a fighting chance. Amen.